The business of sales in this modern technological age is almost unrecognisable to that of the landscape just a decade ago.  Sales now encompasses such a wide range of variants, that joining the dots to create a well oiled and successful selling machine can be a challenge that most companies find difficult to successfully navigate.

Our Sales Consultancy service will help you join that web of dots that can open the doors to incredible sales result. With an in-depth knowledge of the processes and the tools available, in addition to a proven track record in building strong and sustainable revenue streams, we at Emberson are ideally placed to audit, recommend and implement business changing sales processes and results.

We are equally delighted to work closely with the senior management within an organisation or with the sales team directly.

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It can be time consuming beyond what is deemed reasonable, and equally as costly, not to mention bringing nothing of any sustainable value to a business. It can make holes in budgets and cash flows that are un-pluggable when this crucial aspect of a business is not understood and planned correctly.

So that’s the bad news, the great news is this also has the ability to build and transform business way beyond expectations. We like to call marketing and media, attention seeking. Ultimately we are looking to attract our target markets attention and asking them to engage with us, and through our deep research of the media arena we can advise on he very best places to invest your marketing and media budget and how bets to activate that spend.

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Imagine having your own private TV channel, or magazine or even a radio station, would you know how to use it to increase your brand awareness, increase sales or just simply stay engaged with you audience (aka target market)? 

With social media that is exactly what you have, at your fingertips and when it is used for paid advertising, it is the cheapest and most effective of any media platform in the world, including TV.

You do pay for social media, but your currency is time, and a misplaced post or wrong word can do immeasurable damage to a business, but managed and planned properly social media enhances growth like nothing else can even get close to, and at Emberson we understand it.

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