‘The ultimate goal is to create stunning content
that delivers results’

Of course we take into consideration a whole host of other factors, business objectives, timelines, media platforms they need to dominate, who the target audience are and what grabs their attention, and of course, that budget!

To produce mind blowing content takes a talented, creative minded team that understand the fast and ever changing world of media and what works and what doesn’t.  Creative Directors, writers, designers, animators, proof readers, editors, all key to the process and all briefed to the limit on our clients objectives.

We don’t stop with industry leading creative content, as it’s not industry leading unless the target audience consume it.  It is backed up by researched and focused integration along with in-depth analytics and zero wastage of that budget!


Brand positioning is for the company that truly takes their product and service seriously. Where does your brand sit in the mind of your customers, the best, the worst or maybe that place nobody wants to be, nowhere?

Emberson understands brand positioning and how it can manoeuvre a brand into a place in the market that its target audience always considers it a serious contender.

Actually being the best at what you do is one thing, making sure people know and believe that is quite another.

Illustration from Port of Cromarty Firth positioning campaign


It is incredible to think that a website for a company was once considered a nice to have, a few pages that showed any passing viewer what the business did and where they did it. It was never considered a sales asset to the business, and still isn’t to many businesses. It was never remotely close to being as important as the salesman or would it occupy much, if any, space within a sales plan. Times have changed!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website analytics are a key ingredient to a websites success. It improves the search ability of your website and the analysis helps determine what pages are working and what needs improvement. Of course we understand this process, but we also understand consumer behaviour, and that is changing. People are now far more likely to find your website via interesting content on the various media platforms than a search engine.

We live in a digital age where technology changes and impacts peoples lives and working environments daily. Your web site is now key to what you do; customer attention and engagement are critical areas for success.

Let us audit your website, or build a new one, or even refurb what you have to make it a true sales asset and a best in class for your clients. Ask us not what it will cost, instead ask us how much will it improve your revenue streams.

Website inserts taken from People First, T&M and Cleansorb respectively


The more visible you make your brand, the more recognised and trusted you ultimately become in the eyes of potential customers. Whether you’re branding a product, a service or a company, a memorable visual identity can be just as powerful as what you say.

From the styling of a logo, to the selection of fonts, through to creating your colour palette, we’ll design an identity system that speaks volumes.

Branding is about bringing structure and order to a world that can be chaotic. And guidelines are vital to create and protect the unique image of your brand. Experience has shown us that – while it’s important to be consistent – no-one can work with a set of rules that ties them up in knots.

So we’re on hand to develop guidelines that provide a clear framework – a guiding hand so people can really apply themselves.

Insert taken from Alium Brand Guidelines


In a world of vast and ever growing digital noise, what stands your business out from the crowd? How do you as a business grab the attention of a client, or potential client, to the point that they want to know more, they are inspired to look deeper and further into what you do? 


The content of your website, social platforms and printed material has always been a key member of your marketing spend, even before the digital age, the difference in todays modern world is you have almost unlimited space and creativity to attract attention directly to the market you want.  Great news yes?  Well yes and no, the bad news is, so does everyone else!

The creation of incredible content is now at an all time high regarding quality and creativity, just one viral 30 second video can send your product in to the stratosphere, something funny, something heart wrenching, something different to the norm of your market sector can, literally, be worth it’s weight in gold.

We understand this and we will never compromise on quality, be it print, video, social posts, articles, the quality is simply non negotiable. Creativity comes from experience and talent and we have both in abundance.

Consistent Creative Content.

Tablet Image taken from Infinite Wellbeing email campaign