Big Picture. That’s the approach I like to take to design. Tackling one job at a time is sometimes necessary, however I always like to question; why are we doing this, how does it fit into the bigger picture. Not only should we ask how things can benefit the client or company, but also what is its effect on the industry, sector or world. I am not arrogant enough to call myself a visionary, however I always like to take a visionary approach. Can what I am promoting, be done in a way that makes people stop, look and listen. Once they do, does it change or effect the way they think about certain things. Working with like-minded people at Emberson, we very much take a ‘campaign approach’ to all that we do. I love this. This is where I feel I am at my best, when taking a big step back and looking at the given brand in its entirety. Putting my arms around a brand, messaging and approach allows us to instil continuous elements of design and tone, allowing the visitor to know they are dealing with a brand through familiarisation, rather than to be told.

I have got to this approach probably through the variation of working environments I have experienced. I have worked in-house, in agencies and for myself, freelancing. Clients and employers have been big and small, cash rich and cash poor, and with each circumstance has come different hurdles, peers and positions. All experiences though round you to become who you are.

In terms of ‘type of design’, I do enjoy working in 3d, and try to bring in the methods and techniques where possible throughout my work. I originally studied a ‘making’ degree in 3d design (i.e furniture) and I think the principles of this, plus my mathematical over lingual brain make the 3D environment come quite natural to me.

With 3D comes animation, and again, the scoring and timing of animation does sit well with my love of music. The fluidity of animation has many similarities to a great piece of music. The beats, the bass, the hook. Aside from music, other passions in life are cooking, motorbikes and the great outdoors. My young family and I welcome a constant supply of our canine friends through our doors when in need of a place to stay. We help them, but they too help me with the company, and pull me away from my mac to get some fresh air and exercise.

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Working for Emberson is very grown up, you make your own way. We have a wonderful culture in that we work with like-minded people. Everyone is treated equally regardless of their job title or gender; each person is as important as the next and we recognise and respect that. We work hard, but we have a strong work life balance ethic, we are encouraged to look after our wellbeing and we have fun! There is an “Emberson” type of person which I really like, we all help each other and work together, our different expertise creates a brilliant pool of resources.

We have highly talented, creative people here and I’m always excited to see how ideas and concepts develop. It sounds dramatic, but we really do help people realise their dreams launching new businesses, products or services which is extremely rewarding.

At Emberson Ventures we are involved in diverse industries. I get to meet interesting people from biochemists in the oil and gas field, to ice climbers at outdoor training centres in the Scottish Highlands!

Every day for me is different, I work with clients to develop AR apps, run video shoots, design websites, create campaigns, report social metrics and manage events, I’ve also put 500 flashing ice cubes into tubes – yes really!

I listen, empathise, care, and advise but sometimes what makes a customer happy isn’t always the best thing for their business, so it can be a bit of a juggling act. In the end account management boils down to building good relationships.

On a personal note, I love the coast. For me, being near the sea is good for my soul, so in my down time we pack up our retro camper, with our GSP and hit the road.

Another one of my passions is music, so whenever possible we’re at gigs or putting on events, just for fun or to raise money for local charities.

I also volunteer through Contact the Elderly. Once per month, between our group we host and taxi local isolated ladies and gents to afternoon tea parties. The stories they tell are brilliant!

I also love to talk, so if you’ve got an idea or have been thinking about increasing awareness, engagement and revenue of your company, product or service give me a call.





Born and raised in Weston-super-Mare I always love everything seaside – the fresh onshore breeze, crash of waves, fish and chips and a lifelong attraction to the coloured lights on the prom!

After A levels I left the coast, with a place at the University of Warwick to study an honours degree in the History of Art with Italian. The highlight of the course was spending three months among the canals of Venice studying medieval and Renaissance art and architecture.

On graduation my working career began as an assistant to the buyer in the Harrods book department and then a position in the marketing and trading department at the Imperial War Museum, London. In 1989 I met my husband and became a partner in our small design company on the South Bank in the shadow of the Oxo Tower.

The late 80s and early 90s were a great time to be in the design business and we worked on some fun accounts – ITV Telethon, Australian Tourist Board, BT events to name a few. It was the beginning of a career in the creative sector which continues today.

As part of the Emberson Ventures team I am loving working in our close-knit team of committed, motivated and talented people. As a sales support manager I apply my experience, organisational skills and attention to detail to managing client data and providing sales teams with valuable insights and leads.

My interests include:
Singing in small choir/a cappella groups and helping to organise our triennial village music festival. Writing a monthly art history column in the village newsletter and researching presentations on this for the village church to help with their restoration fundraising.
I love sewing, dancing, all travelling and exploring new places.