The Emberson Sales Support System is an incredibly effective way of increasing your sales database, ensuring your data is clean and up-to-date and the most dynamic way to consistently stay connected with current and potential clients.

The advantages of using the Sales Support System are…

  • See a clear improvement on your ROI for your marketing spend

  • Deliver relevant and warm sales leads to your sales team on a consistent basis

  • Reach your target audience with relevant and accurate information

  • Your own dedicated team of research and campaign professionals with zero downtime five-days a week

  • Capture every opportunity from website visits to social media follow-ups

  • Ensure your data is clean, relevant and GDPR compliant

  • Increase revenue with customers you want to deal with

A service designed to increase sales and its pipeline, to ensure better returns on investment from the marketing spend and to keep customer facing sales people motivated with relevant and consistent sales leads.’

The successful Emberson Sales Support process is built on three key areas.

Data. Content. Activation.

Data is the lifeblood of any business, without it you have nothing to base your future on, nothing to sell to, and nothing to tell you if you are winning or losing.


  • We dive deep into research on all our data. This can be based on many factors such as, target audience, product type or a region or country.


  • Emberson is fully GDPR compliant and all our information is securely stored on an encrypted database. We have appointed data managers for all our clients who have complete control on the use of data.


  • Emberson deals in real people at real companies and our research team ensure that all held data is relevant to our clients business. Data is regularly cleaned and updated to achieve a 96%+ delivery success rate on our activation process.

In a digital world of noise, incredible content that showcases your product and service is like gold dust!


  • Our market research will investigate the market place in which you trade to ensure the content we create is both relevant and impactful to your clients.


  • We always test our content for relevance to our clients’ business objectives before embarking on any activation programme. The utmost care is taken to make sure every detail is correct and we check this with our clients without exception.


  • Emberson is proud of the incredible creative team it has at its disposal. Working to clients brief or given free reign to be creative, our aim, on your behalf, is to be the biggest attention seekers of all time!

Build it and they will come, it was once said, but we must let them know we have built it, well that’s our job!


  • We activate our campaigns digitally, utilising email, social media and our clients website. We achieve higher than industry average delivery, open and click through rates because our research is deep and our content is industry leading.


  • Our reporting is in-depth and on time. Five-days a week you will receive information about customers and prospective customers who are interested in what you do. You will receive names and contact details and what they might be interested in. No downtime, no sickness, no holidays, five-days a week!


  • What has worked and what hasn’t, we consistently review everything internally in detail so we can improve our service to you. Client reviews are as often as you would like them.

Emberson understands that every business is unique; every business requires help in different ways and is viewed by its clients, more often than not, differently to how it views itself. Our very successful and proven track record of improving brand awareness, increasing sales pipelines, managing and improving data to the point of becoming a sales asset is unrivalled in todays digital market agency marketplace.